Re: Updated Firmware Versions 9T15 and 9T16 Available for EXOS 2 and G11 Mounts #ExploreScientific #FIRMWARE



Jerry answered this in an older post (link below).    
WDT = WatchDog Timer.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2020, at 5:30 PM, Kevin Rea wrote:
HI jerry, 
there are two exos 2 files..which one do i use ?  i have the exos-2 gt pmc-8
kevin rea

EXOS 2       9t15_EXOS2       700 mA WDT Enabled      ES6B09T15EXOS2          2.02    
EXOS 2       9t15a_EXOS2     700 mA WDT Disabled     ES6B09T15AEXOS2        2.02    

Mounts: ES PMC-8 EXOS2
Scopes: SV 102EDT, ZWO 60/280 Guide
Cameras:  Nikon D5300, Altair GPCAM2-IMX224C
Software: ASCOM, CdC, AstroTortilla, BYN Pro, Sharpcap, PHD2
Computer:  Thinkpad x230, Win7Pro/64

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