Re: Decisions, Decisions

Gord Farmer

I love my 152 refractor exos2 mount but you should get a filter for CA although it does surprisingly well without one .

On Feb 11, 2020, at 4:42 PM, Ken Jorgensen <mariposaken@...> wrote:

I want to have a telescope for visual and photographic use.  I'm asking for opinions & advice from people who have experience with this equipment; my experience is with Dobsonians.  I've pretty much settled on the PMC8 & Losmandy mount.  I've considered refractors in the 127-152MM range but, I think I'm better off with a 10" reflector like the Skywatched 10" Quatro (at 33 lb.).  The reflector is much less costly leaving room in the budget for photographic equipment ( and a happier wife).  What am I missing?  Is a reflector too cumbersome?  BTW I've been amazed by some of the images you folks have shared.  Thanks for your thoughts.

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