Re: PL2303 Prolific USB - Serial Cable #EXOS2 #ASCOM


Greetings All,
I’m new to the forum but have been following instructions and guidance available here for sometime about the PMC-8 system. I recently switched to serial cable from the app and run my
Exos2 mount, Sharpcap,Stellarium,PHD2, and my Sesto Senso focuser all through POTH and am amazed at how everything meshed to produce a
Astrophotography system I could only imagine before. While I’m still learning the hobby from the photography aspect of it, I have gotten good results with what I’ve done already. The Explore Scientific PMC-8 system really is amazing and to
think I almost bought the new Meade mount instead. Chris Welliver

Chris Welliver
EXOS2 mount
ES 102EDAPO Carbon Fiber
ZWO asi178mc
ZWO asi120mm
PrimaLuceLab Sesto Senso focuser

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