Re: PL2303 Prolific USB - Serial Cable #EXOS2 #ASCOM

Jed Orme <jedtorme@...>


Congrats on your success with the PMC-8 system, & particularly in making the switch from the ExploreStars app to a serial connection with the mount.  I'm going down the very same path but have had a couple of bumps in the road.  So a few questions if you don't mind:  Assuming you are using the Configuration Manager to manage or route your connections, when doing the initial setup do you only tell it to use the serial options, for example under the advance tab? Could you outline briefly your steps after changing the setup from the default G-11 mount?  Do you connect your PC to PMC-8 WiFi to orient the Config Mgr at all? 

I've had some problems getting it to see my serial connection & then after telling it to use the Com 3 port, it still hunts around causing me to have to repeat the entire process & turn the mount off & on.  But I agree that once it is oriented to make the connection, it is a very slick, well thought out system.  Clear skies.


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