Re: PL2303 Prolific USB - Serial Cable #EXOS2 #ASCOM

Chris Welliver <chriswelliver@...>

When I initially connected the serial cable my computer opened a”com 5”port for the cable after I downloaded the driver for it. I use a powered hub for usb connection so everything I’ve got running goes through that com 5 port.
The configuration manager will give you a choice of com ports in the drop down menu under connection settings under the connection tab.
Choose your mount, hit find and or refresh and
choose com port. Then go to “how do you want to connect “ column and hit find current connection. I usually have to pop it several times until the choices light up, then choose Ascom serial and you’re up and running. I always connect my usb cables to the same terminal on my computer so that eliminates any confusion there
If it matters. I use windows 10 by the way.

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