Re: Data base is on SD card but will not load onto the application #ExploreStars #Android

John Pirrone

Sorry for my late reply. Not being all that computer savvy, I guess. Can you please tell me what CM is??? LOL.


On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 9:30 AM Wes Mcdonald <wesmcd6@...> wrote:

If you use the CM to load the database onto the SD card, it will all be done properly for you.  Try it.  It under the Explorestars tab.

1.  Open CM and go full screen
2.  MAke sure your PC is connected on line to the internet
3.  Put your SD card on your PC as a drive.  Thisis done with a card reader typically.  Windows will recognize the thing and make it an external drive.
4.  Open the explorestars tab in the CM
5.  Click the radio button to Install to SD Card.  When you do you will see the database location change fom blahblahblahComplete to
6.  Press the download button.  But First, note you are not downloading to the SD card, you are going to a temp file on the C drive.  When you press download you will get a verification window, clock OK.  Then wait for the Down Load complete window to pop up.  Click it off.
7.  Select the removable drive location under Step 2.  Press install.

Thats it.  All the files you need will be in the right place on the SD card.  Eject it and install it on your tablet.  Fini.


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