Re: IExos 100 counterweights

Skull HQX

Hi Lloyd,

I've tested balancing with my C8 on the iEXOS-100 (there is a topic with a picture about that). Imho it is not a good combination for this specific mount, even if using a heavier tripod, like I did. Regarding weights, the trouble with the standard weights is they are a bit small and have little diameter. So, when 'stacking' weights, you quickly end up placing upward on the counterweight bar where they will be less 'efficient'. You would need to add quite a few and thus create more total mass. This is just not that ideal. I can attest it is impossible to balance the C8 with the two standard counterweights. I'm quite sure you won't get it to balance with 3 and even 4. I needed a larger diameter and mass counterweight (5.3 kg) and a single standard weight (about 1.2 kg) to get it to balance. That tells me it would probably not even balance with 5 standard weights.

I would presume you will need to attach a diagonal and eyepiece and finder scope, or a astrocamera/DSLR. This would add weight as well. Maybe you want to add a guide scope and camera too. It would add something like at least 1 kg. I just weighed the C8 OTA and it is about 5.8 kg bare/dry. So without large diameter counterweights, it will be very difficult to balance within the specification.

The OTA plus kit would at the very least total 7 kg and the counterweights needed (using a larger diameter one, like I did*) is about 6.5 kg. Almost 13.5 kg in total, which is 35% above the specced maximum capability for the iEXOS-100 plus heavy tripod. And I'm not even sure if your super polaris would count as one, as I'm not familiar with it.

*) The larger diameter counter weight would need a custom adapter as well, because the iEXOS-100 counter weight bar is 14mm and you would need something to reliably adapt the ┬▒21mm hole in that larger counterweight.

Personally I ended up shelving my C8 and buying a 127mm Maksutov which is a much more feasible telescope for the iEXOS-100. Note, I only use this setup for planetary and lunar astrophotography. For deep sky AP I use much lighter prime lenses and a DSLR/SLR camera's. Those are loads the iEXOS-100 would be perfectly capable of.

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