Re: 2-3 Star Alignment #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #alignment #sharpcap


Jeff, thanks for all the input. I've got polar alignment down-solid using Sharpcap, so I don't get star trails in my photos anymore, up to 60-sec subs so far. My biggest issue is the go-to with star alignment. I wish you could just program the brightest star in your FOV into the Explore Stars app, instead of scrolling through dozens of unusable stars, but is what it is I guess.

So when using CdC, once you sync on Venus, or any other bright object, your go-to accuracy is good? Meaning you have the target in view every time? If so, that may be the route I take.
Cameras: Nikon D5600, ASI ZWO120
Scope: Astro-Tech 60ed, Orion 50mm
Mount: ES-iEXOS-100

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