Re: I think I am finally getting better focus on my Orion shot

Dan Kahraman <dkahra213@...>


That's incredible guiding!

Dan Kahraman

On Thu, 5 Mar 2020 at 18:09, Kevin Rea <reakevinscott@...> wrote:
I took these last night, 3/4/2020 from lancaster, calif usa.
high desert.
clear skies.
15-80 second exposures I believe at iso800
through my C8 on my EXOS-2GT mount.
DSLR camera, zwo guide camera, celestron off axis guider.
this time I had really good guiding I think, at least the graph was pretty flat throughout.

this one is after the stacking..

and then after some playing in at this..

and this is my graph in PHD2 when i was guiding on a good star..

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