Re: Explore Stars - 3 Star Alignment pre Set ? #OpenGOTO #ExploreStars #alignment

Kent Marts- Explore Scientific Customer Service

No, there is no way to do that.

Here's something you can do.

Go into settings and turn auto align off. 

Now, when you go to do a two- or three-star alignment, rather than the mount taking off automatically to the star, it waits for you to tap the GOTO button down on the right.

If you can't see that star, tap Next. When you get a star you can see, tap GOTO and off it goes.

After you've finished the star alignment, you can leave  auto-align off, but you'll have to tap Slew To Target, then the GOTO button. Or, turn auto align back on. 

Another tip, each time you start a viewing session, before doing a star alignment, tap the reset alignment button.

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