locked Re: ES EXOS2 and ZWO ASI Air Pro

Omar Rahman

Hi Matthew,

I use the original Asiair with Exos2-pmc8. It really makes things a lot simpler and I'm up and imaging within a few minutes without needing a laptop and its power requirements. I imagine the pro will work fine too. I'm still deciding whether to upgrade or not-so far I don't feel like I'm missing anything from the pro (live stacking, nicer box, power distribution). In addition, the pro has known to have some wifi range issues because of the aluminum case. The rest of the feature are the same. It doesn't matter immediately anyway since there is almost zero availability from ZWO. 

One important thing to note (at least how it worked for me) is that at first it would just stop tracking repeatedly after a few minutes and I almost gave up and sold the ASIAIR. Then I read a post by Jerry Hubbell that made me think to try the B version of the firmware which doesn't drop tracking after an interrupted connection. It has worked almost flawlessly since then. The app talks to the ASIAIR which is mounted on the scope. Even if there is a momentary dropped connection or lost wifi/hotsopt everything keeps proceeding normally.

I also use the Stellarmate OS flashed to a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Exos. That also works and is more flexible and configurable, at the cost of ease and stability. It crashes regularly enough to make me think twice. For visual I still use Stellarmate though since it works with Sky Safari and I can just point to anywhere in the sky and touch the screen to slew to that point. 

Hope this helps.


ES ED102
:      ES EXOS2-PMC-8, SkyWatcher Star Adventurer
Cameras:   ASI1600MM Pro, Nikon D7500
          Nikon 200-500mm, Tamron 70-200mm G2, Nikon 120mm manual lens
Misc:          ZWO ASI120Mini Guide Camera, ZWO 30mm mini guidescope, Stellarmate, Asiair
Software:  Kstars, SkySafari, ExploreStars (android), Pixinsight, DeepSkyStacker, Regim, Astrostakkert, LR/PS, RNC-color-stretch
Computer:  Macbook Pro, Surface Pro 4, iPhone, Fire 7

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