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Matthew Krauft

Kent, I’ll be happy to take you up on getting onto my computer to configure everything. 


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If your telescope does not see Polaris when you're polar aligned the telescope WILL ALWAYS miss the target by however much it is not pointing at Polaris. Correcting this -- which is called Cone Errer -- the first thing your need to fix. Easily identifiable and easy to fix. You can do it in the daytime by pointing the polar tunnel at a distant target -- the farther the better, miles -- the getting the telescope pointing at the same spot.

Is the tip on the AC adapter 5.5x2.1? If not, then that could be presenting power challenges.

Not sure about the difference between what the mount show and what reality is. I've not heard of that problem before. Because I'm working from home I don't have access to a mount to examine how that could happen.

Do you have a green laser?  If you do, place it close to the polar axis and point it at Polaris while you look through the tunnel. I have some one help me do that, if possible. That will tell you immediately if you are on Polaris.

Regarding ASCOM. The system works well with the PMC-Eight System.

There are numerous step-by-step instructions on how to do it in threads on this platform.

Did you use the configuration manager to switch from wireless to wired?

What planetarium program were you using?

Is there a learning curve? Sure, just like driving a car, or cooking the perfect rack of ribs. Practice and patience -- both are required for all aspects of astronomy.

Keep at it. 

If need be I can get onto your computer to help get things configured.

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