Re: IExos-100 Polar Alignment Tunnel Question

Wes Mcdonald

Hey George, that’s one of those questions. The answer is maybe, probably. Many mounts have this arrangement, although many don’t. The Exos2-GT Pmc8 works as you ask. So someone designed the 100 the way it is. So it is.

But it is not totally stupid. By rotating the scope in dec to 90, it moves the scope out of the way so you don’t have to worry about banging your head on it. So you have that going for you.

Why is the sky blue? Why is there air? Why do we exist? And why turn the scope to 90 to see through the RA tunnel? All questions of the same ilk. It’s beyond human ken.


Wes, Southport NC
PMC-8, ES ED 127, 10" LX200GPS, Astro-Tech 8" Newt, ETX-90
Polemaster, Orion ST-80 and SAG
Electrical Engineer, Retired

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