Re: Polar alignment


Hi Bruce, I use both an iPad (with cellular), and a Fire HD8 (wifi only). I believe you are correct that a wifi only cannot determine or display GPS data that ExploreStars requires. However, when I am outside (no cellular) with my  HD8, I do this:

Determine my GPS position independently using a GPS app on my IPhone. These are : My GPS Coordinates, or the app GPS Coordinates. Just make sure the display is in decimals, and not degrees.
I then retype this data, (to about 5 or 6 decimal places) in to the Lat/Long fields in ExploreStars. I include the minus 
sign for Long and it accepts the data. I do NOT push the “Load GPS Coordinates “ button. I then verify the other entries are correct and I’m on my way.

It seems to work fine for me.


Vero Beach, FL
Scopes: ES  ED80CF, ES AR102,  Meade ETX 90 EC (Deforked)
Mounts: ES iExos 100-PMC Eight, ExploreStars IPAD & Fire HD8, Explore FirstLight EXOS Nano
Nikon D600, D5500

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