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Gord Farmer

I just put a dab of whiteout on mine and a pen mark.    

On Apr 15, 2020, at 1:45 PM, Dave C <dmcampbell@...> wrote:

Follow Up testing:

In trying to figure out which part is causing the misalignment, I removed the OTA from the rings and then removed the rings from the Vixen plate. I took the plate down to my Machine Shop, made sure the vise was exactly square with the Mill table by using a good Test Indicator and then installed the Vixen plate on Parallels to I could check the holes to see if one was off to one side.

I tested the plate by inserting the test indicator in each hole, tested both sides of the holes and the holes are parallel to within .0018"! So with the slack in the holes, that is more than enough to be considered square.

So I ordered some green glow in the dark tape. Once I get a clear night I will polar align with the polar scope cross on Polaris with no offset. Then I will put in my 11mm illuminated eyepiece and move the scope  DEC axis until I am centered. Then I'll take a 1/4" wide X 1 " long piece of the glow tape and tape it across the two parts of the DEC axis and right beside the triangles. Then with a sharp razor knife I'll just cut the tape. This will make a very easy to see and align mark for future setups. The square edges of the glow tape are easier to align without any error than are the triangles as one of my triangles has a small defect in the casting right at the point.
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