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Steve Lang

Ditto. Don't think mine's ever worked properly before...

On 28/04/20 2:17 pm, Jaganath wrote:
Testing mine too. Thanks.

Cameras: ASI 533 MC Pro, Sony A6000 Full Spectrum, Sony A7RII
Mount: ES EXOS-2 PMC-8
Telescope: Astro-Tech AT72EDII, Canon 200mm 2.8, Redcat 51, Guidescope: Astromania 50mm, Guide cam: QHY 5L-II
QHY Polemaster, Win 10 on LattePanda for acquisition and mount control (NINA)
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Mounts: ES PMC-8 G11, Orion Atlas
Scopes: ES FCD100-80, GSO RC8, Orion XT10i
Cameras: QHY 8L, QHY163m, QHY5L-II, Polemaster
Software: NINA, PixInsight

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