Mount Connection Issues #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars

Dale Miller <dalemiller0306@...>

I have always had a few issues connecting my computer to the iexos100 and the ExploreStars Application, but now I cannot connect at all. This problem seems to be after installing and setting up ASCOM.

Here are the steps I am using:

First, I connect my mount to the PMC-Eight WIFI (this connects with no issues). Then, I use the Explore Scientific PMC-Eight Configuration manager and select iexos-100 as my mount type. I then click "Do it" beside "Find Current Connection".Here are the 2 most common things I see:

1. It reads "The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network conneciton." The current WIFI connection on the bottom is Green so I know I am still connected to the PMC-Eight WIFI, so I am not sure why it is giving this message. After many tries to disconnect and reconnect and restarting my computer it finally connects and I get the following message:

2.It reads "Mount appears to be connected on UDP". Both the connection Method and the current WIFI Network are green. I then open up the ExploreStars application. The ExploreStars appliaction reads "Please Wait" and the green light on my mount does not turn on. It seems like everything is connected okay until I open the ExploreStars application.

Is there anything else I should be doing/trying to get the my connection to work more consistently and/or get  ExploreStars application to work?

Thanks in advance,

Dale Miller

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