Re: Trouble setting up Exos 2 mount #EXOS2 #ExploreStars #ASCOM


Hi Jerry,

Understood. I am getting to that point as you said then, but when I type into the box at the top of the terminal and hit enter nothing seems to happen. It does keep cycling through the splach screen, memory test and back to initialized over and over. Sometimes it will sit on initialized for a bit then start from the beginning again. 

both the inability to enter a command and the restarting maybe due to using a prolific chipset adapter from what Wes and Richard has mentioned to me. Hopefully I am able to send commands once I receive a ftdi adapter. Maybe it is simply just in serial mode and I’m just not getting out of it because of the prolific adapter.

Mount: EXOS2-GT
Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro
Camera: Canon sl2 dslr

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