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Daniel Burdziak

Hi all!

I just got my iexos-100, and will be using it with a Rebel T6, and lenses, no telescope. I currently have the 75-300mm kit, 18-55mm kit, and the 50mm 1.8 lenses. I had a few questions I was hoping some seasoned pros could answer, as I am VERY new to this. I got everything setup, and ready (supposed to be clear tonight), and will be doing a 3-Star alignment as I cannot see Polaris from my yard due to trees.

Once aligned, I know I can slew to an object. Once it slews to the object I want to photograph does it track it, or is there an extra step?
With my lenses I usually use the 75-300 at 300 set to F5.6, and 6400 with 2 second exposures, what would a good setting be? Would I be able to do 30 or more seconds?
I'm assuming I can still have my intravelometer attached to the camera for setting exposure/interval and all that.

I really just want to make sure I don't get out there tonight, and just end up frustrated, or searching for an answer.

Thank you,

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