Re: Trouble setting up Exos 2 mount #EXOS2 #ExploreStars #ASCOM


No dice was worth a try though. The ready light doesn’t flash with it still and this time the terminal doesn’t seem to be receiving properly.. just shows a strange ‘y’ looking character over and over. 

Thanks though was definitely worth the try, if even to learn it doesn’t help. I will wait for the ftdi adapter to arrive. I’ll just have to be patient. 

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 9:10 PM Wes Mcdonald <wesmcd6@...> wrote:

I believe it is true that if the dtr line is in the wrong state, which it had been reported by others to be, it would cause the pmc8 to reboot.  I don’t know which state it should be in though.

You could make a straight thru db9 connector that passed pins 2,3,and 5 only which would allow you to test this out without busting up the plug.  

I k is the dtr line left floating (unconnected) works fine for commanding the pmc8 via serial.


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