Trouble with M2.5 x 20 screws installing Mount Adapter Plate for Polar Finderscope EXOSPF #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment

Ade Ashford <macuserade@...>

Hi all, has anyone else installing the iEXOS-100 EXOSPF Polar Finderscope?

The two mounting screws provided are supposed to be M2.5 x 20 according to the Instruction Manual, but appear to have a smaller nominal diameter than 2.5mm.

Thankfully, the smaller diameter means that they are tight replacements for the two smaller screws in the front of the declination drive's cover, but at 20mm they are too long to thread all the way in.

One of the longer screws was so tight that I couldn't remove it with the Allen key and had to resort to cutting the screw's head off and removing the threaded portion with pliers.

If the supplied screws are indeed M2.5 (they look no more than M2 in the accompanying image of the only good one remaining), would two 15mm-long screws be better?

Many thanks,


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