Noob question #iEXOS-100 #alignment

Daniel Burdziak

So I took my new iexos-100 out last night after rigging a way to mount my Rebel T6 to it, until I can get the dovetail, but I have a couple of questions.

1) I cannot see Polaris from my yard, so I went with the three-star alignment. On my kindle fire when I do the alignment it shows "previous" "enter" "next" as options for a star. First question is, when I manually move to the star and have it centered on my camera screen, do I just hit enter? Or do I have to move the dot that is on the "map" to the center of the screen also?

2) Once I did the alignment (at least I think I did), I didn't notice the tracker moving at all when I would slew to an object (It would slew to the object, I mean it wouldn't move AFTER arriving, so it wasn't tracking it). Are their other things I have to select before it begins tracking?

I appreciate all of the help i've been getting. I've literally been doing Astrophotography for like three weeks, and this is all very overwhelming.

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