Re: Trouble with M2.5 x 20 screws installing Mount Adapter Plate for Polar Finderscope EXOSPF #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment


No printed directions. I just found the manual online on your website.
Is there anything else available in printed form?

Those slightly oversized nuts were placed in a small plastic bag
together with the screws (actually pulled "demonstratively" on them!)
and a 2mm hex wrench. Without the nuts used as washers, I wasn't able to
tighten the screws on the mount (well, I probably didn't use _all_ of my
power, but it seemed to be dangerous to try any further).

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The packages from Explore Scientific do not have nuts. The box does
contain two screws referenced in my answer to Ade.

Did your package contain printed directions?

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customer portal isĀ

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