Re: Trouble with M2.5 x 20 screws installing Mount Adapter Plate for Polar Finderscope EXOSPF #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment

Kent Marts- Explore Scientific Customer Service

NEVER hard tighten screws that go into ANY kind of plastic. That is a sure recipe for stripping the threads.

I have no idea what the nuts are for. Those are not shows in the parts list included with the directions.

Again, please contact Bresser customer support.

We have a draft document for using the finder. But is has not published

In a nutshell:

1) Look in the sky and find Cassiopea and the Big Dipper (The Plough in Europe, I believe).

2) Rotate the Polar Finder Scope to match what you see in the sky.

3) Adjust the mount in azimuth and altitude to get Polaris in the location on the reticle.

The other marking are for use in the Southern Hemisphere.

The procedure outline above is done once the Polar Finder Scope is aligned with the polar axis of the mount.

Note that the only way to ensure a perfect polar alignment is to use the Drift Alignment method.

Camera alignment programs like Pole Master, Sharp Cap, etc., provide extremely close polar alignment. The Drift Method makes it absolute.

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