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brian skinner

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 11:08 AM, Daniel Burdziak wrote:
Hi all!

I just got my iexos-100, and will be using it with a Rebel T6, and lenses, no telescope. I currently have the 75-300mm kit, 18-55mm kit, and the 50mm 1.8 lenses. I had a few questions I was hoping some seasoned pros could answer, as I am VERY new to this. I got everything setup, and ready (supposed to be clear tonight), and will be doing a 3-Star alignment as I cannot see Polaris from my yard due to trees.

Once aligned, I know I can slew to an object. Once it slews to the object I want to photograph does it track it, or is there an extra step?
With my lenses I usually use the 75-300 at 300 set to F5.6, and 6400 with 2 second exposures, what would a good setting be? Would I be able to do 30 or more seconds?
I'm assuming I can still have my intravelometer attached to the camera for setting exposure/interval and all that.

I really just want to make sure I don't get out there tonight, and just end up frustrated, or searching for an answer.

Thank you,
Hi Daniel, your set up is identical to mine. For starters, although I don't view unless I can see Polaris, and point to it, with a three star alignment I'm sure you are good to go as long as your mount is level and pointing as close to true North as you can manage.
My mount tracks very consistently and accurately, I find up to 2 minute exposures to be fine. With the light pollution I have to contend with I find ISO 400 is about the best with anything more than a 10 second exposure, you just need to experiment basically.
Regarding tracking I understand that Tracking is preferable to the Pointing option when two or three star aligned. When you have completed the alignment process, and you now pointing and synced to your target you will find the tracking option is selected by pressing one of the UDLR buttons momentarily if the app shows P (pointing) mode.
Hope that helps, Brian

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