Re: Trouble with M2.5 x 20 screws installing Mount Adapter Plate for Polar Finderscope EXOSPF #iEXOS-100 #polaralignment


Yes, that is obviously the meaning of the nuts. Otherwise I would probably strip the threads. The screws are just too long.

Is there no explanation for the marking in the reticle available? The marking for the Southern Hemisphere is quite self-explanatory - there are clearly marked crosses for "σ Oct" and "χ Oct". But for the Northern Hemisphere, there are just three lines with gaps for both "δ Umi" and "51 Cep" (probably "OV Ceph"), no crosses. (Actually, no full cross for Polaris either.) See the first attached picture.

I also wonder about the role of the rubber washer/gasket that came with the polar scope. The only place I can imagine it could meaningfully fit would be to fill the gap between the bracket and the pivot collar for collimation (see the second attached picture). Is it possible that someone "forgot" to pull it there while assembling the scope? Considering the fact that the scope came mounted "backwards" to the mount adapter, I am not sure if the person assembling the whole thing was well conscious about the proper state of things. Of course, I may just as well ask Bresser, as you suggest, but I was hoping to get some explanation faster from someone here, as the subject has just been opened.


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