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Hi Joe, please see my responses in RED

On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 08:55 PM, Joe Izen wrote:

I'm trying to see whether I have the latest version on my FireOS tablet I have 1.9.20051.494 installed.  How do I learn what is the latest version? Should I just assume that if GooglePlay tells me an app is already installed, it is the latest version? The version in Jerry's post seems to be dated.
Yes, the Google Play Store will correctly detect which version you have an tell you if there is an upgrade available. No need worry about that

I get a message to update my DB when I launch ExploreStars on my FireOS tablet. I find:
DB Ver: 0.0 [85643].  FW Ver:1.00 installed on my FireOD table.

       Where does it tell you to update your DB? You should go here to get the latest DB for the Android ExploreStars app:

I know these are over a year old, so I'm pretty sure they are long in the tooth, but how does one learn the latest versions?

All the information about the PMC-Eight is on our website as always, You should always go there for the latest downloads

I recently installed GooglePlay on my FireOS tablet, so I think can update through the Android store, but I recall the DB is tricky. I checked The DB install video is hopelessly Microsoft tablet-centric, and the page doesn't render fully with my Mac's Safari browser.

The webpage is out of date, always go to our main website at to get the latest  version of our downloads.  We will correct the website soon.

I recall needing to be coached through the DB initial install, and that I couldn't use my own tablet to download the DB to the SD card which is a requirement for design reasons I still can't fathom.

After switching to Chrome, I found

but the instructions on this page are also confusing. In particular, to install an update (not clear whether it is a DB or app update), it would have me jump to step 5 on my Android browser (so I can't just download an updated app with GooglePlay???). But Step 1 iss the DB download step, and I think I had to do the download and unzip the first time on a PC. I am very confused.

Again, please go to our main PMC-Eight downloads page on our main website, we will correct these old outdated links. Our forum Main group front page has instructions on where you should go also. You do not need to do any extensive search on the Internet to find our downloads.

I would very much appreciate blow-by-blow instructions for updating the app and the DB on FireOS. I suggest that since download and install instructions for Microsoft tablets are give on the explore home page, this would be the right location for app and DB upgrade instructions for ALL platforms, PC, Android, and iOS. For now, I'd be grateful if a clarification could  be posted to this thread. Kent is always helpful, but I hate to pester him on the phone for info that should be documented for everyone.

There are instructions on our download page for the Android ExploreStars that apply equally to the FireOS. We already have a page for all platforms on our main website.

To the extend that ExploreStars and PMC-8 mounts handshake with ASCOM drivers that need to be updates, it would be helpful if those instructions could be documented too.
The PMC-EIght ASCOM driver has nothing to do with the ExploreStars application and vice versa. The ExploreStars application is wireless only, and the ASCOM driver communicates over Serial or WiFi. The PMC-Eight ASCOM driver is only applicable to Windows since the ASCOM platform is only on the Windows Platform. ExploreStars is available for Windows, Android, and iPadOS at this time.

I am planning to update my iEXOS-100 PMC8 firmware. I think the most current upgrade instructions are in this threads:,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%23FIRMWARE,20,2,0,35951559,ct=1&ct=1

Version check:,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,%23FIRMWARE,20,2,0,71858890,ct=1&ct=1

Is this information still current?  Can I break anything if I update the firmware and/or the ExploreStars app, but not the other? Any ASCOM gotchas?

Instructions to download and install firmware updates on on the PMC-Eight system downloads page:

Are there any developments on an iOS version for iPhones. There are some pretty big iPhone screens these days. It would be most convenient to use my iPhone as a backup for my Fire tablet.

We are currently working on new versions of ExploreStars that we will announce at the appropriate time.
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