Re: New ASCOM Platform 6.5 Testing

Dan Kahraman

Hi James & Others especially Dr. Hubbell:

I will not touch ASCOM 6.5

Dan Kahraman

On Mon, 18 May 2020 at 12:51, Dave Cherry <andromedacity@...> wrote:

Hi James


Well I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing nightmares with this.

I was rather hopeful someone had got it working, I was following a thread on the guy that coded the Stellerium native  ascom driver, he put it out for testing and quite a few were saying it worked just fine but I cant  make it work at all, and have to resort back to  the ageing Stellarium scope program.


When trying to use it I get 3 connections to the ascom hub:  scope,  sync and cancel

3 circles overlapping on the display. It don’t slew or sync. Very frustrating as I like to use Stellarium. I hope it can be worked out soon.

even connecting directly to pmc driver, still no joy.


Thanks for your reply, perhaps ill try it again using 6.4 and poth as a hub.

Does anyone know if the pmc driver itself  will ever work as a hub?, I know there was talk of it at some point.







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