Re: Couple questions about the EXOS2-GT PMC8 #EXOS2 #ExploreStars

Bill Black

For Stellarium, you need an interface between Stellarium and POTH. That interface is called Stellarium Scope.
It's free from Welshdragon at:
After you install Stellarium Scope, there is a button on the user interface to update the Stellarium configuration.
There is also a button to launch Stellarium from the Stellarium Scope interface.

So you will launch POTH, connected to the PMC 8.
Launch Stellarium Scope, connected to POTH.
Launch Stellarium (I use the button on Stellarium Scope for this step, but you can also just launch it from the desktop or whatever).

When Stellarium launches you should see your "Scope" centered on the North Pole.
Ctrl-1 is the command in Stellarium to slew the scope to the selected object
Ctrl-3 is the Stellarium command to Sync the scope to the selected object (i.e., does not physically move the mount, but updates the coordinates)
Ctrl-5 is the emergency stop command to abort a slew in progress.

Hope that helps!


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