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For syncing on a star, would I simply center with the clutches loose, tighten them up and then sync? 
Nope.  Remember, the PMC8 is keeping track of the motor pulse counts, so it thinks it know where you're pointed in terms of motor steps.  Loosen the clutches, move the scope, and that goes out the window.

Just put the mount in the park position, do your PA, make sure (post-PA) that your locks are on and the marks are lined up, un-park it with POTH, and slew to whatever you want (with CdC/whatever) to sync on.  Then drive the scope with control buttons to center on your preferred star, and tell CdC/whatever to sync.  Now your celestial position and your motor counts are aligned.  The worst part is buttons to drive the scope and center...POTH's buttons are NOT fun.  If I have to drive my scope, I connect BackYard Nikon to ASCOM and use its buttons.  Lots of other options as well.    
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