Re: Couple questions about the EXOS2-GT PMC8 #EXOS2 #ExploreStars

Chris Tardif

You will polar align with don't move to targets during that process.  I'm not sure why you need to worry about the dec/ra marking...I don't, but maybe i'm missing something.

I would add 
- double check focus on guide scope and don't forget to take darks for the guide camera in PHD.
- PHD only needs to connect to POTH for the mount, it can connect directly to the guide camera.

my 2 cents

Mounts: Explore Scientific IEXOS-100 w Celestron CG5 tripod, iOptron CEM 40
Scopes: Explore Scientific FCD-100 ED-102CF, Various Canon lenses, ZWO mini-guidescope, StarField 60mm guide-scope.
CameraASI120MM Mini (mono), Altair GPCAM 130
Control PC: Intel NUC
Loc: 44 -79

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