Re: Using XBox controller with PMC8 Exos2


Hi everyone, 

I spent some time getting my xBox controller set up and tested the ASCOMPAD application, and I was able to trace what was going on with the system. There are a couple of things I did in the ASCOM driver. First, I found that the ASCOMPAD uses the MoveAxis command which in turn uses the ESSr! command (Set Rate) in the firmware. I found that I had not implemented the DEC axis move axis command correctly (among other miscellaneous things) so I am correcting this. It will take me a day or two to code and test it out. It looks like the RA axis move works fine.

Once I get it working, I will probably just release the .dll file to replace the one that gets installed with the latest installation setup program. This would be a beta test version. I have made a few other changes to the driver to support some upcoming hardware that isn't applicable to your version of the PMC-Eight.

In order to test this you need to do the mount/setup in the ASCOMPAD program. You are presented with a bunch of sliders and I set them up as follows:

Slider      Value
1            5
2            10
3            20
4            100
5            200
6            500
7            800 max
8            0

You then need to map the buttons for  the following items
Increment Preset (I used A)
Decrement Preset (I used B)
Park (I used X)
Unpark (I used Y)
N, S, E, W (I used the toggle direction buttons)

You should be able to increment and decrement the rates with the assigned buttons and then see how it slews faster and slower. The RA works correctly in that when you hold down the toggle, it slews, and then when you release the toggle, it stops slewing and starts tracking. You may see it not report the status correctly though, that is one of the issues I am fixing.

Let me know if you discover anything else.

Thanks for your help on this!

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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