Re: EXOS 2 GT Payload Capacity


Chris & Bill,
thanks for taking time out to help!! 
what I do is put the tripod, where the weights go on mount, and place that side right at polaris. I then, since this mount does not have a polar scope, so I use that peep hole to place polaris right on it by shining a laser pointer beam.  To accomplish shining this laser is to move the telescope 90” so that it clear for the light to go thru. Been doing that since I got the mount (6months) but last night it was blocked. I noticed the peephole only let the light pass when it was at home position. 

I found this weird so I took off the rod where the balance weights go and I was able to again on 90” clear the peep hole but it was more like 60 degrees not 90 as usual.

then I got the guiding errors of the RA cannot make sufficient corrections on RA

not sure if that has anything todo with that error or not??
Thanks guys!

Edwin Sanchez
ed-80 triplet
canon T6i

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