Re: Going to points in sky

Bill Black

Hi Doug, yes for CDC, no for POTH.
The ASCOM POTH is really just an interface with limited scope commands. It is primarily for networking multiple applications to your mount.
I don't use CDC myself for navigation, but it is popular so someone might be able to help you with that.
I use Stellarium for my navigation, which is similar to CDC.
You have to set-up the software (CDC, Stellarium, whatever there are many) to communicate with your mount. Generally, you would install the ASCOM platform, which includes POTH. Connect POTH to your PMC 8 controller and then connect your navigation software to POTH. There's a lot of information of the details on how to do this. I would start by installing the ASCOM platform and ASCOM PMC8 driver from the ES website:


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