#iexos-100 - issues with PDH2 guiding #iEXOS-100 #TECHNICAL


Hi all!
i am having the following error and I am really hoping someone can give me some pointers in troubleshooting the below error I am having with phd2
1. When I do calibration - i did this by Vega it was high I did not get the 20 degree warning, 
2. I am poth hub connected thru serial, after many days of trying to connect mount (special thank you to Chris Moses!!)
3. I have the mount iexos-100 mounted on a heavy duty tripod because my total load is about 22lb
so when calibrating I get

after turning off pdh2, I just let it pick a guide star and start guiding after 30 seconds I get this error

PHD2 cannot make sufficient corrections in RA

i get this over and over, i do the manual pulses for 5 seconds, no problem, I have used the guide assistant and done whatever it has suggested

I wonder if iexos-100 is just not the mount for my equipment??

does anybody successfully guide with a telescope on this mount?

i have seen Jerry give troubleshooting videos but nothing like this errors.

if anyone can help with pointer so that I either move on to a different mount or just stick to using dslr on this mount just like a star tracker??

thank you!!!!!!!

Edwin Sanchez
IEXOS -100
ED-80 Triplet
Canon 6Ti
SVBONY 60mm guide
AZO ASI 120Mini

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