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I was able to:
Set the rate fraction to in in the RA sidereal rate fraction on the ascom driver for the mount.
Set calibration distance to .50 on the phd2 option  (.50 like period 50 not 50, I hope that is it)

I was able to do the day time test using the phd2 manual guide, I could not figure this one out "Set your guide rate in the ascom driver to 1" but I up the minimum pulse time to max, it read 500 on the ascom driver.

This are my result and observation, first I center the guide scope and ota to a street STOP somewhat far away.  When I was doing the pulse rate, I set it to 5000ms in phd2, I notice the STOP sign moving in my live view but at first it looked like when I did West, and East it move to the same side. I am not sure what you mean here " In RA the moment you stop guiding the mount will resume moving in RA in the opposite direction" I am not sure I saw this behavior?
Since the movement of the STOP sign was not like I expected, specially with going north, south.  after equal pulses of 5 seconds, the STOP sign just moved from my live view but I never came back to see the STOP sign as when I first set it.  I use the RA, DEC on the poth scope and this is the results.

I did 5 pulses for a total 25 seconds for each direction N,S,W,E
move North RA 15:20:57   -> 15:20:57  
                   DEC: 89:58:59 -> 89:56:29
Move South  RA 15:20:57  -> 15:20:57
                     DEC 89:56:29 -> 89:59:10
Move West  RA 15:20:57 -> 15:20:46
                    DEC 89:59:10 -> 89:59:10
Move East  RA 15:20:47 -> 15:20:57
                   DEC 89:59:10 -> 89:59:10
I was not able to do the calibration close to meridian or do the cross test as the sky did not collaborate.

Please let me know so far, what you see on the result of the live view test, to me it moved accordingly but the picture never came back to how I started.
I was not expecting that, the STOP sign ended up above to the right on the live view.

Thank you!!

Edwin Sanchez
ed-80 triplet
canon T6i

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