Re: Choosing Alignment Stars

darrell burke

God bless you Brian!

And now the rant [not at you]
This is my first Goto ... for years I've flailed around with my telrad with rare moments of being able to find anything other than dead simple stuff.

I was so exited ... but oh my God its been so difficult to figure this all out. Far more it seems to me than it needs to be. The instructions are not even close to being detailed enough.
So naturally one goes to google & youtube. I watch the nice detailed video about the controls from a few years ago and the try and use my Android device and find out its different. But hey it can't be that different right?

So there I am aligning pressing sync - aligning pressing sync and absolutely devastated at how terrible this thing is at finding anything! This evening I'm rooting around and finally I stumble on the one post where "Enter" vs "Sync" is described ... then your excellent post that show me how to actually choose my stars rather than endlessly press next, next, next.

My main rant is why Explorestars doesn't have manual for Android.? And if you do I apologize  ... but if it exists it seems to buried deep in the dark web. Simple stuff - like "here what all the buttons do" I don't mind work and learning, but even in school they gave you a text book with a section on how to dissect a frog - then the frog and the scalpel. With this you get the frog and the scalpel. ... then you just ask around the school about how best to proceed.


One more rant - and this may be me being thick - but why aren't the stars in some sort of order? Alphabetical, by constellation ... something. And if they actually are - please send me the magic decoder ring ... or put it in a manual!


Rant concluded ... now I'm going to search for what the hell debug mode is - don't tell me! It will spoil all the 'fun' of endless searching.

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