Success - Guiding and Imaging with the EXOSII-PMC8 Mount #EXOS2 #ASCOM #alignment


Good Morning,

I wanted to share my excitement to have everything working together, with the great assistance from you all here.

Using my EXOSII-PMC8 mount with my Starwave 80ED scope, I was able to capture a great image of the Ring nebula, M57.
My workflow is as follows,

1. Polar Align using Sharpcap (over serial)
2. Power up PMC8
3. Start the PMC configuration tool and set connection to serial, connect.
4. Start the POTH hub (For slewing scope on first star for focus)
5. Start Stellarium and connect to POTH ascom
6. Focus and align sync on bright star

This works great, and was most enjoyable last night.
Thanks to all suggestions and valuable information found in these forums!


Kitchener, Ontario
Starwave 80ED
Starfield 50mm/ZWO ASI Guide Scope
Altair 224c
Meade ETX80

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