Re: Choosing Alignment Stars

Robert Parks

Mr. Burke's is a gentle, accurate constructive criticism.  Whilst one may find "the answer" to most any question by searching the forums of the main group and subgroups (although one must search each one individually), and the engineer is accessible, responsive, and thorough in a way that is unprecedented in my experience (go Jerry), paper manuals in the box for the machine, and the app, are a reasonable expectation.  I know that ES products are geared to make high-end astronomy gear economically available to even beginners, and beginners are frustratingly ignorant about astronomy in general (guilty) but "here is how to put all your new equipment together, what all the parts are called, and how to use the handy app to move it around" sure would have flattened my learning curve. 
Robert Scott Parks - Northwest Arkansas, USA

Mount: Explore Scientific EXOS II GT WITH PMC-8
Polar Finder: EXOS II integrated with illuminated reticle
Telescope: Explore Scientific 127mm f/7.5 FCD1 Air-Spaced Triplet ED APO Refractor
Finder: Telrad
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7", Dell Venue 10 Pro 32bit OS, Samsung Galaxy S20+
Steering Software: ExploreStars App, ASCOM/POTH + StellariumScope/Stellarium + Wifi Scope + SkySafari Pro

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