Re: Counterweight improvising


Hello, I also have needed an additional weight for my iExos 100. Attached are 2 photos. The weights were from Walmart, and are 1 1/4 , and 5lbs. I added some pvc piping to
reduce the central hole to accommodate the 100 bar. So they don’t move, I place whichever one I’m using on the bottom of the stack, and secure it with another standard
weight on top, which has a securing bolt.

Vero Beach, FL
Scopes: ES  ED80CF, ES AR102,  Meade ETX 90 EC (Deforked)
Mounts: ES iExos 100-PMC Eight, ExploreStars IPAD & Fire HD8, Explore FirstLight EXOS Nano
Nikon D600, D5500

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