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Hi Darrell, see my comments below in RED.

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 03:33 PM, darrell burke wrote:
Where pray tell did he ask you to do that?
Robert said "beginners are frustratingly ignorant about astronomy in general (guilty) but "here is how to put all your new equipment together, what all the parts are called, and how to use the handy app to move it around" sure would have flattened my learning curve" Our manuals talk about all the parts of our particular products, but not how to integrate all the different products from the different manufacturers that you need to have to pursue this hobby. I thought that statement was about building the complete Astronomical Imaging System (AIS) as I call it in my book.
Also please direct me to the online info that derails the differences between the windows  and andriod interface. I mean obviously it must be my unrealistic expectations that are the issues ... or perhaps my laziness. 
       There are always differences in the same application across platforms that are usually very minor as it is with ExploreStars. There are corresponding functions that are common on all the platforms they just might be on a different part of the screen, or they may be accessible through a different menu item. Typically those that use more than one platform are familiar with these differences and have no problem figuring out where the features reside.
There is this video for the windows version you did 2+ years ago.

Which completely leads an android used astray and there is this:

And that is NOT easy to find.... but again I guess its my fault I can't find this stuff and spend 75 percent of my time searching this place and the rest of the the internet and 25 confused in the dark not understanding the vargarities of the interface.
      But is is easy to find, both on our website and on the forum without having to search. The main forum front page has a link to our PMC-Eight introduction "Getting Started with your PMC-Eight" page which has links to all the manuals, downloads, and videos also including the one you specified. Here is the link on the MAIN PMC-Eight forum page:

As for industy standards ... I don't know about 'paper in box' [although why that is considered unreasonable given the $$$ one forks out is completely illogical]  - but if you visit Clestron, the Manual and Software section is simple and easy to navigate. They don't ask you instead visit a forum to find out basic operating instructions by rooting around like a pig searching for truffles.
Again, you do not have to "root around like a pig..." The information is on our website under MOUNTS - PMC-EIght, or you can just read the main front page of the PMC-Eight forum and the information is there.
If I buy  car - I don't expect the the manual [and yes they still include manuals I believe] to teach me how to drive or how to drive in the snow ... but I do expect it to tell me how to change the clock on the dash, where fuses are and all the things specific to the automobile.

But I rather doubt given your response you will be moved one iota from your position.
I do have a definite position that I would tend to stick with, but that position is not as you characterized it. My goal here is to try and set expectations for beginner's when they get into this hobby and get frustrated with their equipment. We are here as always to talk them through specific issues with our products. It is incumbent upon them to seek out and learn the technology and terminology through self-study and through a mentor, either online or at their local astronomy club. Explore Scientific employees share what we know and are experienced, but in the end, we rely on beginner's to help themselves as much as they can.  I am sorry if you don't agree, but we will have to agree to disagree on this.
PS I knew about the search function and not what I asked about - no more than Robert asked you to teach him astrophotography.
Based on your statement in your previous post, it didn't sound like you had tried to search for the specific star, you just "ranted" (your words) about the stars not being in alphabetical order and you couldn't find what you were looking for. My bad for reading that wrong.

Please let us help you if you are having problems with our equipment, but also please take advantage of the things we make available at the front door. We really do not hide things to frustrate our customers. We try and put things in obvious places.
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