Re: Counterweight improvising

Jed Fish

The 2 1kg weights supplied with the mount were not even close for my ED102.  I bought an Orion 11lb weight on Amazon for about $40. As the bore is bigger than the OD of the counterweight bar, I cut a piece of thick vinyl tubing, length equal to the depth of the weight, to fill the gap.  I’ve cut the tubing lengthwise and trimmed into a “cuff” shape to allow the end of the retaining screw to push directly against the bar, pressing the tubing against the far side of the bore.  I can easily put the cuff where it needs to be, slide the weight on, and crank it down.  It provides better grip than the hard plastic sleeve that comes with the weight, and comes very close to centering the weight on the bar.  You can select the right thickness of tubing to get the centering just right, I used what I had at hand. 

Hope my description made sense...

Jed Fish
ES ED102

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