Re: Counterweight improvising


Hi Lloyd,
yes, I been having issues with equipment and software to work. I just started trying to guide with 0 knowledge but now, I have the mount using the ascom serial and can connect using the poth hub.
when doing calibration I keep getting the errors 
star did not move enough and also not able to make sufficient corrections in RA

i keep getting this error and when I guide any way it is not good at all, the red and blue lines go crazy.

basically I tought maybe I have too much weight because am using a 10 lb weight but I am also using the heavy duty tripod.

I was looking at someone to be guiding, and you are, so that gives me hope. If I could get even 120, I would be happy.

thanks for your reply and if there is something you can think of, please look at my post that deals with guiding so that Jerry does not get upset about being off topic on this thread.

 #iexos-100 - issues with PDH2 guiding

if you can look for it I would appreciate!!

Edwin Sanchez
ed-80 triplet
canon T6i

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