Bill Black

Hi Matthew,
Sorry, no real help here, but I was thinking about getting one of these a while back, but decided not to, since it would not work with SharpCap at that time (not sure about now).
SharpCap is my preferred capture software and there seemed to be limited capture applications that work with the ASIAir back then.
Do you plan on capturing images with your set up?

What I ended up doing, so I could control everything from inside the house, was to set-up my outdoor system same as always (PC + all equipment) and using a wifi extender to make sure I could get a good internet connection outside. Then I use Chrome Remote Desktop on my inside PC, which gives me a replica of the outdoor PC. Seems to work pretty good.

I am interested in what your results are with the ASIAir, so please keep us posted on the outcome.

Location: Dallas, GA
 Celestron C8, AstroTech 80mm APO

Mounts: EXOS II PMC-Eight, LXD75

Cameras: ZWO ASI294MCPro, ASI385

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