Omar Rahman

Hi Matthew,

I use the ASIAIR for everything (PA, slew to target, auto center, guide, and capture). It all works great without having to mess around with various programs to make them work. I have the original and the wifi works fine through the plastic case (vs metal for the Pro), but I also have an extender so it connects from the yard to me sitting on the couch with a tablet. As I mentioned somewhere else, I had to change the mount firmware to version B to make it work properly. I'm not sure if others do that too. I would recommend it regardless because you don't want an interrupted wifi connection (from tablet to the ASIAIR device) to stop the tracking/guiding/imaging. 

I have ordered the ASIAIR PRO too (not sure why since the original works just fine) but there is a significant delay in availability so I'm still waiting. 

ES ED102
:      ES EXOS2-PMC-8, SkyWatcher Star Adventurer
Cameras:   ASI1600MM Pro, Nikon D7500
          Nikon 200-500mm, Tamron 70-200mm G2, Nikon 120mm manual lens
Misc:          ZWO ASI120Mini Guide Camera, ZWO 30mm mini guidescope, Stellarmate, Asiair
Software:  Kstars, SkySafari, ExploreStars (android), Pixinsight, DeepSkyStacker, Regim, Astrostakkert, LR/PS, RNC-color-stretch
Computer:  Macbook Pro, Surface Pro 4, iPhone, Fire 7

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