Re: Couple questions about the EXOS2-GT PMC8 #EXOS2 #ExploreStars


Hi All -

It took a good bit longer than I was hoping for he skies to finally clear up, but I managed to get out for a couple hours last night.  Despite the strong gusts and sporadic cloud cover, I was able to gain some familiarity with  the new mount and scope.

Sharp Cap was a breeze for polar alignment.  I'll never unscrew a polar scope cap again.
Even with a near perfectly level mount, and aligning the index markers, the go-tos were still quite a ways off, even after syncing.
Plate solving was truly life changing.  Close is good enough.  No need for alignment stars.  Worked incredibly well 90% of the time.
Guide wise, even on a bum calibration (too close to the NCP) PHD was guiding between .2 and .5 arc sec so long as there was no wind.  As soon as a gust came, it bumped up to 1.5 to 2 or even more.  Honestly, I normally wouldnt have gone out in such wind, but I was getting desperate with the poor conditions lately.
The mount did crash the OTA into the tripod on one occasion.  I was quick to shut it down.  Really not quite sure why or how it happened.  I did have a couple programs crash on the underpowered laptop, so that might have affected it, but I dont believe POTH ever faltered, which I assume was keeping track of the mounts location.  With more practice, hopefully I can isolate the cause.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys, the new setup shows a lot of promise.  Cant wait for some better conditions.

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