Re: #iexos-100 Azimuth Adjuster Adapter experiences & ST2/ST3 mount question #iEXOS-100


Hi Sean, I also have the iExos 100, and the Azimuth adjuster, and my scope is the ED80 CF. So its slightly lighter. I do find the adjuster helpful. Before it, I had to loosen the adjustment knob to rotate the mount, and as I did the mount would move around, and it was not as accurate as I would like. It did take some time to fiddle with it, and adjust it to move the mount accurately. But, with a little practice, it’s definitely better.

Concerning the iExos 100 standard mount, its ok. When I add my Nikon D5500, and even with the heavier D600, it does ok, but I think its about at its limit. I have also tried it with my larger AR102, and I would not recommend that. I am planning on getting the ST3, and although slightly heavier than the ST2, and more expensive, the extra stability would be well worth it. I feel with the ST3, I would have room for expansion, especially when you add a guide scope, etc.

Hope this helps,  Harry
Vero Beach, FL
Scopes: ES  ED80CF, ES AR102,  Meade ETX 90 EC (Deforked)
Mounts: ES iExos 100-PMC Eight, ExploreStars IPAD & Fire HD8, Explore FirstLight EXOS Nano
Nikon D600, D5500

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