Re: #iexos-100 Azimuth Adjuster Adapter experiences & ST2/ST3 mount question #iEXOS-100


I do have the azimuth adjuster and the st3 tripod.  I did this out of necessity as I decided to get the ed-80 and start guiding and I could not get balanced.
I did have the tripod from my old exos2 so it was the best decision for me.   
If I would have known what I know now, I should have gotten the exos2-pmc8 but to your question,
if you are going to put more weight (guiding), if you are going to use sharpcap for PA, and if you get st3 you MUST get the azimuth adjuster.

For me, all is working now after lots of learning/frustration.


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I can't speak to the tripod specifically since I only have the stock one. I have the Azimuth adjuster and it was a game changer. My experience was similar to yours for PA and I was quite frustrated by it. Adding the Azimuth adjuster made PA a breeze. I usually have excellent (sub 20 sec) PA in less than 5 min using Sharpcap. I struggled before to get "good" PA (less than 1 min). I would advise any new user that wants good PA to buy it if funds allow.
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Edwin Sanchez
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