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To answer this question, which ended up in a duplicate thread:

There are two versions of firmware -- one that shuts tracking down with connectivity is lost (the watchdog is enabled), and the version that maintains the tracking when connectivity is lost (watchdog is disabled).

The PMC-Eight comes with the version with watchdog ENABLED.

I refer to the version with watchdog disabled as the star-party version because I can save the battery on the tablet. 

This came in handy on New Year's Eve when I to an EXOS2 With PMC-Eight to a star part hosted by the National Parks Service at a campground along Buffalo National River in Arkansas. I unsuccessfully charged by iPad on the way -- so got there with 5% battery. 

Luckily I had the star party version installed. I got the best polar alignment I could, slewed to a target (was close, so adjusted the tripod in azimuth and altitude to get it centered), then turned off the iPad.

I got through the star party with 2% left.

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