Re: EXOS2GT-PMC8 Dec issue #EXOS2



Ouch...  Don't quote me, but I think that set screw requires a 1.5mm drive.  If it really is stripped, then you might put the good setscrew over the shaft's flat, to remain operational for now, and then talk to Kent about a replacement pulley.  

Stepper motors make a racket when they stall, but no harm done.  Most likely cause of that would be gear binding providing more resistance than the motor can overcome - ie: too tight a mesh between the worm gear and the axis's ring gear.  The pulleys will just try to deliver power faithfully to those gears, but if those won't move, well....

The other thing is that your pulleys and belts should NOT be rubbing on the plastic posts, and if the are, they need to be adjusted back on the shafts, so that they are clear of obstructions and can move  without rubbing.  Doesn't have to be a lot of clearance, just enough to be clear of obstructions...


On Sun, Jun 14, 2020, at 19:48, Chaitanya wrote:

I read your guide before posting message. I tried to adjust stepper pulley. Out of two set screw on motor pulley one of the head is stripped, basically Allen key just moves freely without engaging set screw. I will try to adjust with different Allen key.

Regarding stepper binding is it due to wobbly or lose motor pulley?


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